How It Works:

We provide a manual vehicle, a dedicated, patient, and passionate stick shift instructor, and we can even pick you up!

Our lesson plans accommodate drivers of all ages and driving experience.

It is a fluid, personalized, and fun method that has proven you can learn how to drive manual in ONE lesson with us! 


The Stick Shift School partners with various businesses around the DFW in order to bring your lessons to the location closest to you. Once you submit your lesson request, you will receive a confirmation with the location details, including vehicle color, make and model, as well as your assigned Gear Master's information!

Payment is due after successfully booking an appointment and can be made with any contactless form of payment including Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, PayPal(credit/debit card), and ApplePay.

Payments are 100% refundable if cancelled with at least a 24 hour notice prior to the scheduled time of your lesson.

Lessons cancelled within 24 hours are subject to a $50 fee.


The Stick Shift School
The Stick Shift School


The Gear Masters

We love all manual cars, teaching people, and driving standard.

We believe that driving can be fun, and we know that driving a manual transmission vehicle is beautiful, artistic, and enjoyable.

We want to help people around the world take back this joy of driving.

And why not make it as enjoyable and fun as possible?

When we first learned how to drive stick shift, we noticed there was not an effective, pain free way out there for enthusiasts and beginners to learn how to drive a stick shift, as we colloquially call standard or manual transmission vehicles.


We were at the mercy of whomever happened to own a manual car, most often either a family or a friend.

We found ourselves fumbling around online watching YouTube videos, reading tutorials, and imagining how we would do it the next time we were at the wheel.

There was a lot of growing pains, and even the best of us struggled without a reliable starting point and access to an impartial party, or even just a standard vehicle!

When only about 18% of Americans know how to drive standard, we came together and realized that we could help those who are now in similar situations to those we encountered years ago.

If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle and want to have a stick shift as an option (who doesn’t?!) we can definitely help you get there in just ONE LESSON.

Or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve driven a stick and you just need a quick refresher course.

We have helped drivers who are interested in working for a delivery service (UPS, FedEx, etc), those who work in valet services, car spas, automotive shops, car dealerships, etc.


Even for those brand new to driving, we strongly believe that it is a much safer option to be completely immersed in the act of driving, as both hands are needed for shifting and steering, free of distractions in a standard transmission vehicle, all while establishing a stronger foundation for vehicular safety.

Whatever the case may be, even if it's JUST FOR FUN, we are excited to get you in the driver seat and ready to shift.




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